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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by fzouk, Jun 21, 2010.

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    I had Hamburgs before who never would be touched despite me handling them regularly as chicks, but I wrote that off to the breed since they are just flighty. Now my chicks this year are the same even though I give them plenty of treats and also handled them regularly as chicks. (These this year are Australorps and Ameraucanas and they're 16 weeks now). I just got some 12 week old cochins and they will NOT be touched or handled or even take treats from me- but I haven't even had them a week yet so they don't count so much since still adjusting to the change.

    1) what am I doing wrong!? 2) How can I get them used to being touched or even held? I would enjoy being able to pet them but also I want to be able to check them over without having to stress us all out by chasing them around the coop and then them flapping and squawking.

    Thanks very much- this has really been bugging me!
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    It's frustrating isnt it? I hand raised a Buff Orpington practically from day one, fed her out of my hand, holding her while walking around the yard, etc...Now that she's full grown, she wont have anything to do with me. On the otherhand, my Barred Rocks and Easter Egger are just the opposite. They'll hop up on my lap while sitting out in the yard and let me pet them and carry them around also. I never showed them the attention that I gave the Buff Orpington. I dont think you're doing anything wrong at all, that's just the way they are sometimes.

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