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May 19, 2012
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Okay, just a few more things to do on the coop then it is done. My chicks come in three weeks from Meyers and I hope they are all pullets, it's what I ordered. I wonder if the smells of a new coop would bother day old chicks? I will have a corner for them to live,, with heat lamp, and all the necessities. I just hope I built fort Knox since we are in the mountains. I can't wait for the chicks then realize how much more work I have to do before they get here. I ordereed 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Easter Eggers, 2 Golden Buffs and 2 Back Australop and I hope they all get along.
Congrats on entering the world of chickens (which there is no return from

I don't think the smells would bother them, unless it is a paint smell, or something toxic.

Another question....I live in the mountains in the NE not far from the border. For predator proofing I did the hardware cloth around the entire coop its a walk in coop on the ground so I have hardware cloth in between the two flooring plywood we used two layers for this and I have hardware wire in the corners of the ceiling. Should I also get the electric shock fense or should I wait to see what issues arise? I also have a secure kennel run that has the hardware cloth surrounding it. Our soil if you can call it that is mostly rock with sand so not many burrowing issues here. Oh I also have the windows incased with the hardware cloth. I think I will use sand on the floor in summer and the deep litter for winter since they are long and cold. Is there anything else I should do before the arrival day? I will not use sand in the brooded I have puppy pads I will never use again then switch to dried pine chips. Any suggestions would be welcome!

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