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Mar 7, 2010
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I'm getting pekin ducklings and americana chicks. can they eat the same food? can they be in the same brooder? this is my first time raising ducklings and chicks from day olds, and I need all the help I can get! I had chickens and ducks as a kid but all I did was feed and waterer them. I was told to keep them apart til they are alest 3 weeks old is this right? and I was told not to feed the ducklings the chick food becouse it will kill them, I don't want kill them! please HELP!!!
Dont keep them together the ducks will mash the chicks an ducks will keep the brooder wet all the time.(depending on what you got).Now I feed mine chick starter.That is just me. But IF it were me I would keep them apart.
I would suggest keeping them separate for a couple of reasons. The first and most importantly is that the ducks will splash water everywhere and your chicks should not become damp. Another reason to keep them separated is because the ducklings grow faster than the chicks and have a tendency to over-crowd and potentially squash the chicks.

As far as feeding them, chick starter is OK for both chicks and ducklings as long as it is not medicated. If you decide to feed you chicks medicated feed then most definitely keep them separate. Ducklings should absolutely not be fed medicated feed.

Good luck and enjoy those little fuzzies!!!
We got chicks last year and this year we are getting ducklings. We researched it here on BYC and learned that the ducks are too messy and bossy to do at the same time.

We plan the same set up this year however as far as a brooder.
Tarp on floor of spare bedroom. Plastic wading pool with some sort of bedding. Heat lamp hanging over one side (so they can get closer or get away. Food (non medicated chick starter) in feeder and water in a flat bowl that is hard to tip and they can't get in. I'm going to try to use the idea I found here to use a cool whip or margarine container with a half moon slice taken out of the side.

The room did get messy and smelly last year with the chickens but it cleaned up okay. This was a great incentive for my husband to build and complete the chicken coop and yard and I think it will have the same effect on him for getting the pond constructed and the fencing up. We ordered 15 muscovy ducklings to be delivered a week from tomorrow........

We also have a broody hen we think we are going to let have some eggs to incubate so we will have ducklings and chicks at the same time too.
Whoops! I forgot to add we used cardboard boxes to make the sides of the brooder higher than just the plastic wading pool. We just used duct tape to hook a few large pieces into a circle around the pool. Not fancy but we had all this stuff laying around already and didn't have to purchase anything.
HOLY COW!!! 15 Ducklings??? Wow you are a brave one. You might want to make sure you set it up close to a window and have a fan that can pull some of the smell out. I had 8 ducks and I thought i was going to die...Good Luck!
oh my !!!!!!! I have had 15 at one time but not with chicks too . I suggest two maybe three large totes one for the chicks and divide the ducks into two totes . Yes they stink quickly and the water is a mess they soak bedding quick so I would suggest using a small bowl w/lid and cut a hole out they can get into easily and yet not spill everywhere. The mess they make with the water is the babbling they do with their bill so if they can't do that it saves your bedding. If you keep em inside I would clean the bedding out daily or every other day, to cut down on the smell if it's outside in a shed or garage I would just change it when it's damp. THe chicks are much easier than ducks . I always used medicated feed but alot of folks frown on that allthough I have not EVER had a problem with you that's up to you . I hope all goes well for you and GOOD LUCK!!!!
Here's a photo of that "waterer with a slice cut of the lid" that I use for my ducklings. But I'll be upgrading to a Cool Whip container this weekend - duckling grow SO fast!!!!!!

Gryeyes, I saw your other post where you showed us all this water device and I want to make one, too.
Do you need a weight in the bottom so they don't tip it?

I'm going to let my broody hen raise the chicks, they won't be in the house! Our coop is heated. But they will be babies at the same time and will probably intermingle at some point in the farmyard.

We are going to move the ducklings outside asap but I'm sure it will be a few weeks down the line. I do have a large window I can put them near and a fan, good idea!
Well, I haven't been using a weight. The ducklings are now large enough for the Cool Whip container, and the weight of the water seems to hold it down. I changed to it after they tipped the cottage cheese container over twice a day for 2 days. They're so much bigger it's easier for them to do that. I'll keep an eye on the Cool Whip container status though. Might have to weight it.

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