Getting ducks again! Where to order from?


Jul 30, 2014
So after a few years of apartment living, we are buying a house again and one of our top priorities is re-establishing a flock of laying ducks. We've really missed having them.

Last time we were lucky enough to find good breeding stock available locally, but we haven't been seeing much available locally so we're looking at online ordering. We're specifically hoping for adults not ducklings.

I know Holderread has a great reputation, and I believe Metzer does as well? We are in W WA so them being in Oregon and California is a big plus. The purpose for now anyway is purely egg laying, no immediate plans to try to hatch them out or raise for meat or anything. We're looking at the Golden Cascade and Golden 300, there seems to be a number of "golden something" hybrid or at least not recognized breeds out there from a bunch of places. Maybe a few runners just because they're so funny and cheerful.

In any case, I'm hoping to hear people's experiences ordering online, and any recommendations for a specific hatchery or breed. Thanks!


Jun 20, 2020
Los Angeles, CA, USA
I’m in love with Metzer and will be ordering from them again but as far as I know they only sell ducklings and hatching eggs. I don’t think there are many companies that ship adults

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