getting into showing silkies?


9 Years
Jul 27, 2010
I have had my pet silkies for about a year and i like the breed so i want to get into showing silkies. I was wanting to get the silkies as eggs and hatch them. but i have never showed poultry before. how do i raise the silkies what kind of houseing do i need to house my show silkies in? would it be ok to hatch the silkies under my pet silkies and then take them from them when they hatch and raise them? any websites would be great and any information would to, also where should i get the eggs from?
The first thing you should do is join the American Silkie Bantam Club. They have an online forum devoted just to Silkies. You will also get the club yearbook which lists all the breeders/members along with their contact info. And also 4 newsletters per year. Your best bet would probably be to purchase a nice breeder pair and them breed them, rather than getting eggs which can be expensive and you cant guarantee that they will hatch, let alone the quality of chicks that you will hatch from the eggs.
well getting a pair really isnt a choise because i live in the city and i was only wanting to get 2-3 to get started in showing then maybe in the future replace my pet silkies with show quality silkies. btw im 13 almost 14 if that helps
I raise them just like I do any other breed of chicken. Then only thing I really do differently is the chicks get 20% starter crumbles rather than the normal 18%. I don't use medicated feed, so far no problems. The runs have sand in them, to help keep their feathered feet clean. I also treat them every 4-6 weeks with either Permethrin 10% spray or Ivermectin pour on, to prevent mites/lice. .25-.30cc per bird on the skin on the base of the neck for the Ivermectin Pour On. I believe that lasts around 6 weeks. Peremethrin 10% is just mixed with water and sprayed on birds/roosts/coop, etc. Usually breeders don't sell pullets without a male to go with, I will, only if I have gotten rid of all my excess males.

Fawkes' Feather Silkies has some great articles on their site.
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So i just raise them like i would any other chicks? and what about prepareing them for show and finding shows? Do i have to get the chicks use to show life?
Is their any book i should read that would teach me how to give them baths and how to prepare them for shows and that kinda stuff?

Fawkes' Feather site that Sundown posted has good links.
I have them saved in my favorites actually...this one has info about bathing.

I use BYC and other sites when I want to find out info on Silkies and exhibiting them. I find that most of what I need is online, and I don't use books these days. Lurk around the forum some and you'll probably find alot of what you need.
I am intrested in getting in to showing silkies to I was wondering can u use any random silkie that u can raise up to be show silkie or do u have to get a high quality silkie kinda like people do with dog shows u know registered papers and all that good stuff?

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