Getting my incubator in march questions.

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    This will be my first time hatching eggs in a incubator.
    My Questions

    1. I went to and looked up thermometers Here is the link to them which one looks like the best one to use? Cause I have no clue..LOL

    2. Will the thermometer tell Humity and temperture or will i need to get something eles?

    3. What should my temps and humity be at on from day 1 to day 18

    4. What should my temps and humity be at on day 18 till hatch.

    Thanks for anyone who answers I wanna know all this before I start.'

    Added question

    I also want a good flashlight for candleing which of these would be the best for that?
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    1&2 . Link didn't work but I can say you need a thermometer, hygrometer combination to read heat and humidity.

    3&4 99.5 to 100 degrees measured at the top of the egg throughout the incubation. Humidity is what changes at day 18. 45% for 1-18 70%-75% for day 18 to hatch.

    Get a maglite flashlight for candling.
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    I also read that is a good idea to run 2 thermometers (better for accuracy.) has a good thermometer..Brinsea spot check..made for incubators. Dan

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