Getting new pullets to roost.

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    Mar 20, 2015
    Hi folks - I added 3 chicks (4 weeks old) to my 2 hens. At first I let them stay in the nesting box because the hens picked on them mercilessly. Now they are 8 weeks old and still in the nest boxes at night. Getting along a little better now - but still get pecked - they are still skidish around the hens.. My question is how do I get them out of the boxes and onto the roosts at night??

    I do have a space between the nesting boxes and the roost ( about 2x2 ft) - should I block the boxes more to deter them and at least have them in the open space??
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  2. When hatched and raised by mama, chicks will usually take to the roost pole by 4 weeks of age. You didn't say what kind of chickens that you have but you may have some success by going out after full darkness and moving the chicks to a roost pole. Do be advised that chickens pick on each other relentless when bed time rolls around and they all jockey for one or two prime locations .

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