Getting our Chicks today! Last min checklist help!


6 Years
May 6, 2017
Southern MN
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My Coop
We are getting our chicks today from Runnings today. We have the brooder, pine shavings bedding, water & feeder.
Any suggestions on what food we should get?
Also she we refrain from handling them much the first couple days?
Also anything else anyone suggest we get.
Have the lamp but no light yet, i can use a regular bulb right?

Thanks!! So excited!!!!!!
Yes a regular light bulb will be fine.
Make sure that you are not heating the WHOLE brooder though..
They can over heat and die fast. They must be able to get away from under the light/heat.
Poulty vitamins are good to have on hand too.
And brand "starter"/chick feed should be fine.
Baby chicks are almost too cute to not pick up and cuddle..jsut be careful and keep your hands clean.

Read up on pasty butt.
and I'd suggest fermenting their feed too.

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