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Nov 6, 2018
North Georgia
Hello from North Georgia! I am a retired teacher living the good life on 20 acres with my husband, horses, dog, and cats. I ride as much as possible, and enjoy gardening - some veggies, but mostly perennials and hydrangeas.

For several years I have talked to my less than enthusiastic hen keeping husband about adding a few girls to go along with our other critters. We already had a head start on the coop, as our daughters' childhood playhouse has been sitting unused for decades. I just wasn't convincing him, and I needed his carpentry skills to do the conversion.

Lo, and behold, about two weeks ago, a single bantam hen sauntered into our yard, and seems to like the place well enough to stay. I have already bought a bag of 16% layer pellets, and throw them out to her each day, along with sitting and talking to her. My grandchildren love throwing bread to her when they have visited.

So, planning to go ahead with the playhouse conversion, I ordered 1/2" hardware cloth from Tractor Supply, and purchased a vinyl remnant for the floor. Best of all, a couple of days ago, DH helped me put hardware cloth over the windows of the playhouse, and then asked my how big I wanted the yard to be!

I will be reading through other forums to get advice on retrofitting the playhouse, as well as other newbie tips.

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Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
I too had a recalcitrant husband who did not want chickens. I'm handy enough to do the work myself but had to convince him to give chicken raising another try. He had done it in his previous life for his daughter and hated it and the chickens!
Now, one of his very favorite pastimes is plucking a pear from our tree and going into the chicken yard to cut shavings off to toss to the flock. He really enjoys them. It helps that I continue to do all the chores!
Your husband will end up loving it as much as you and your grandchildren do. :)

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