Getting ready for chicks

ozzy chooks

Nov 28, 2017
Canberra Australia
Hello one of my girls, Iridescence (pic below the black one) went broody few weeks a go and I got some fertilised egg: 7 araucana :)
I made a box for her in the coop and everything is going well ATM. She is still sitting on the eggs.
Today is day 15 and I am planning to candle the eggs tomorrow to see how the eggs are doing.

I have some questions about hatching:
1) I am planning to get a broody coop for the chicks and the mum. Would this be suitable?

2) When should I put the Iridescence in the new coop? around day 19/20 so the chick will hatch there? Or should not move her and the eggs until the chicks are born?

Anything else I should be aware of?
I will get a chick drinker or put some marbles/rocks in a shallow dish.
I bought some chick starter with anticoccidial.

Fingers crossed!!

eggs.jpg eggs2.jpg iridescence.jpg
Hi there..ooh looks exciting!
I’m sure we all have different methods but I move Mum and eggs into broody coop which is still near the other hens early on and certainly before hatching as I work and worry if they hatch in the big coop the other hens may not be happy about it..and the large coop isn’t as chick friendly as the snug broody coop.
I often find all my ladies around the broody coop run looking at the chicks and chatting with the new Mum. Makes the transition back to big coop easier if they can all still chat together through the wire.
Your broody coop looks super and perfect for the newbies and Mum ❤️
I think I need some help/advice.
I've just tried to candle the eggs while Iridescence was outside for ehr quick drink/eat/poop/dust bath break.
I can't see anything...
Perhaps I'm not doing correctly or perhaps in the coop it was quite dark but not dark enough. Is a normal torch good enough?
Are blue eggs more difficult to candle?
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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