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    I know this info is on here in many posts, and I'm just trying to clear everything up.

    I have been dealing with health issues for a very long time, and I have been trying to take the necessary steps. I lost one chicken to some type of ascites a month ago, and now I have another inside because she has been down and picked on by the others.

    I wormed my chickens for the first time last month, but I am still having issues. I used Wazine first, and followed up with Albendazole. I know they all got the Wazine, but I had some problems administering the Albendazole to a couple of my girls. I also treated for lice with Adams, as my chicken that died had been severely infested.

    I have checked my girls over thoroughly for mites on their bodies, but I have found nothing. I did, however, see a couple very tiny bugs crawling around inside the henhouse in the litter several nights ago. They looked like they could possibly have been mites, but wouldn't I see them on my chickens?! Since their condition has not improved since I wormed them, I'm going to assume that they have mites and I would like to treat them. They have soft/shell-less eggs when they do lay, which isn't often. They are very thin, and their combs and wattles are dry and pale. They have sporadic greenish diarrhea as well.

    I don't know what else could be the problem, but I need to get them healthier!! It has been so frustrating, I have had them for two years and they were doing great until their second year. Then it all went downhill and has been a constant challenge. I had thought of trying to give them some type of antibiotic just in case there is something bacterial going on, but that's probably not a good idea? I wouldn't even know what type or how much to administer, much less where to get it.

    So anyways, I think I need to treat them for mites as that is the only thing I have not done thoroughly. What exactly is the best way to address a mite infestation? I want to do something aggressive, and make sure I follow through properly. I made a dust bath last week with sand, garden dirt, and DE, but they don't seem to want to use it. Of course not, but if I was to let them out in the yard they would have no problem digging up my garden beds and bathing in them [​IMG] !! None of our feedstores carry poultry dust so I went to Home Depot over the weekend and got some Sevin 5% dust. Will this work? What is the most effective way to use it to dust my chickens? I've got one that is nearly impossible to catch and does not like being handled AT ALL!! Obviously I'll also need to address any mites in the coop - what is the best way to do this? The inside of the henhouse is made with OSB and 2x4's, so there are a million nooks and crannies. How can I kill the mites in there? How long afterwards do I repeat all this to keep the mites at bay?

    Thanks for any and all advice to everyone who has helped me in the past. I seem to be a repeat problem, but I get so overwhelmed with all the info, I guess I need clarification. I really need to get my girls healthy again!!!

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    Oops, I forgot to mention. Since I'm not sure if they all got a good dose of the Albendazole, would it be okay to worm them again while I treat for mites? I had thought that maybe if I used the Eprinex pour-on, that would address any remaining worm issue as well as the mites. But, I don't want to use the Eprinex irresponsibly just because of the mites as I'd worry that the worms would build up a resistance.
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    Take care of the mites first and follow up with the eprinex (if indicated) after that problem is solved. Lots of people on here recommend Valbazen or Safegard for worming. Mites live most of their lives OFF the bird so you really need to clean up your coop. I clear everything out - birds, bedding, etc. & then spray with a permethrin based spray for poultry houses kennels etc. It has a somewhat lasting effect so should kill off the mites currently living in the coop. Then I line the nest boxes with the sevin 5% or poultry dust and replace all the bedding (after it dries). If you have a bad infestation in your coop, you will see the mites coming out of the wood when you spray:( For the birds, I'd go to Frontline pump spray. When I had a bad infestation, it was the only thing that finally solved the mite problem. This is NOT the spot on - it is a spray bottle and can be purchased online, at a vet or most pet stores. It's expensive, but will last a very long time. Spray some into a container and apply to the skin with a syringe. One drop on the neck, one near the oil gland at the base of the tail, one under each wing and the rest around the vent area. For a large hen I use about .06 ml. Do NOT spray it on your birds or overdose. Make sure they are in a well ventilated area when you apply, ie., do not apply and then put them into a carrier or enclosed space. Once you have the mite problem under control, I'd see if you can find a vet who will check a sample of their droppings so you can make an informed choice about another worming. Good luck!
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    Do you happen to know what the name of the permethrin based spray for poultry houses might be? Or, where I can get some? It seems there are so many things on this forum that other users mention, but all my local feedstores don;t seem to carry or know about.
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    Today will be the only day this week that I can address the mites issue. I still wasn't able to find any kind of permethrin type coop or kennel spray. Would a bleach solution sprayed on do the trick? I still have a bit of the Adams Flea and Tick spray left over for when I treated for lice. Should I use that along with the bleach water in the coop? I'll dust the coop with Sevin as well, but does this stuff wash off the eggs if I'm putting it in the nest boxes? It seems fairly toxic. Also, normally I would be using pine shavings in the coop, but I don't have any right now. I have some fresh dry straw in the shed, would it be okay for me to use some of that in the coop for now? I figure that since it looks as though I'll be emptying out the coop fairly often for awhile, the straw will work for now.

    As far as the birds go, I found Sevin 5% spray. I'll need to look for the Frontline spray, so maybe I'll follow up with that next week. I'll try the bag method, but Doris Mae absolutely hates to be handled, so it might be difficult. Maybe I'll put some Sevin in an old sock and try and dust her as best I can.

    It's strange, ever since I pulled Aunt Francie out of the coop on Saturday, the color seems to be coming back to her comb and wattles a bit. Do you think this is because she's not been getting up every night by the mites in the coop? The other girls who have still been in the coop are maintaining very pale combs.

    Thanks again for the help!!
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    Quote:Yes, you can use bleachwater to kill mites in their house, it's best to use a sprayer. The droplets will get everywhere there's a tiny crack or crevice. Let it dry well, then dust using sevin dust including nests. You can use straw as bedding and in nests. I use hay. Lightly sprinkle sevin dust on the straw. Repeat this procedure in 10 days, doing so will eliminate the mites lifecycle. Just rinse the eggs off like I do, I've been doing it for years and still here. You can dust your chickens using an old sock like you said. I put sevin dust in an old pillow case with their necks sticking out the top. Gently "shake and bake," then rub a little bit of sevin on their neck and head with your fingers. Avoid getting the dust in their eyes, nostrils and mouth. Then release the the chicken, she will shake herself off and go about her business. You will need to redust them in 10 days, just like their kill nits that have hatched since the first dusting. I recommend you wear old clothes, shoes, and a mask when dusting.
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    You can also take an old mayo jar & drill holes in the plastic lid & use it to shake it on the chicken while also rubbing it in to get all the way to the skin.

    As for catching your chickens I have a large fishing net (3' handle with green net on the end), if you can use scratch or some treat to get all your chickens penned (or if they already are) you can catch them one at a time & as you dust them turn them out to free range. That way you are sure to get them all. Also don't let the hardest one be the last to be caught or it will be harder.

    Good luck!!!

    ETA: When you drill your holes if you don't get a good flow make them alittle bigger.
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    The name of the kennel/poultry house spray is permectrin II - it's a concentrate I dilute and put in my sprayer. The sevin dust works well too, although in my experience, it didn't seem to last as long. It sounds like the mites are coming out and sucking blood at night since the birds in the coop are still pale. You will have to keep on top of this as their numbers build up quickly and they don't die easily:(

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