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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Amyh, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Amyh

    Amyh Songster

    Jul 11, 2010
    North Carolina
    I have too many roosters and have had no luck getting rid of them on Craig's list. I have no problem with eating them, but my husband refuses to help me and with two young children, I just can't do it right now on my own.

    How can I get rid of these Roos? Is there a place to list free roosters to people in my area on BYC?

  2. HorseFeatherz NV

    HorseFeatherz NV Eggink Chickens

    Are there any zoos near you? Some will take the birds to help feed the other critters.

    Have your DH watch the kids and you can then process them.

    You can also try the "Where are you! Where am I?" section of BYC and look for the thread for your home state. Or the auction area - just list them for free.
  3. CMV

    CMV Flock Mistress

    Apr 15, 2009
    Have you any old farmers around that might be willing to process the lot for a bird or two to take home? I learned processing from my insurance agent. He volunteers to help process if he can have a couple birds for himself. Works out well for him because he lives in town and can't really raise his own meat birds. Works out well for us because we try to process in lots of 50+ and that's a lot of work for just a couple people!

    Can you put up a flier in your local Ag store- either offering free roosters or looking for help to process?

    Sometimes local newspapers have a buy/sell/barter section of the Saturday paper. Maybe an ad there? In our paper we have a free-cycle section for just this type of thing. It costs nothing to place an ad.

    Local farmer's market? Donation to a soup kitchen if they are willing to process the birds? Any sportsman clubs in the area where you might be able to get some help?

    Hope this helped. Good luck.

    PS- I'd be giving my husband so much grief if he refused to help! He'd help just to get me to shut up about it.
  4. justmeandtheflock

    justmeandtheflock Overrun with ducklings :)

    May 27, 2009
    NW NJ
  5. Amyh

    Amyh Songster

    Jul 11, 2010
    North Carolina
    Thank you guys so much!! Just when I was getting desperate, I got someone from Craig's list to actually show up!!! It must have been an act of God.

    I am down to one confirmed rooster, a Black Australorp that nests on the ground of the coop with his wings over the three young birds to protect them from the cold. [​IMG]

    I sure hope he stays such a sweet boy!
  6. PatS

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Northern Califonia
    Oh yeah, he's a KEEPER!
  7. Higins00

    Higins00 Songster

    Nov 19, 2008
    I also post on the boards at the feed stores for free roosters for the future.

  8. michickenwrangler

    michickenwrangler To Finish Is To Win

    Jun 8, 2008
    NE Michigan
    Ask any coyote hunters if they want some bait. Is there a fur farm near you? A processor that will do one chicken? Any Amish?
  9. QuailHollow

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    Quote:I feel your pain. I spent big $$ on 12 chicks, of which half were roosters. It's hard to whack off a head on a bird you spent so much on as a day-old, then fed it for 9 months only to end up eating it.

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