Getting Started - These Breeds? Lanhgshan and Egyptian Fayoumi (Silkies, too???)

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    Mar 16, 2015
    Hello, fellow BYCers!

    My name is Zack. I am looking to restart my chicken flock! I am here seeking knowledge and camaraderie in the interest of chickens. Anyway, let me get on with this thread...

    I have a 13'x15' chicken yard with an elevated coop. There is no roof or top; I want to let sunlight in. The sole purpose of this idea is to breed and raise chickens. I have been researching breeds for a some time now and I have decided on a medium-sized flock of Egyptian Fayoumis (2 roos and 6+ hens). These will be my main focus, and the only breed I will own with roos is this one, to keep lines as pure as possible. I'll focus on flock breeding instead of selected pairs/trios. I want to improve the breed as a whole, or at least my flock. The only problems I have with this breed are:

    - Not affectionate, actually feral
    - Don't go broody too often
    - Exceptional flyers

    I am thinking to solve these problems like this:

    1) This is where the Langshans come in. I have heard that Langshans are affectionate, or at least not wild-like
    2) Again, Langshans brood more often, but I'm thinking of getting two Silkie hens to brood these eggs - it's a better idea and much safer bet... Not to mention the extreme friendliness of this breed! Wow!
    3) Clip the wings

    My questions:

    1) Can I have these three breeds together? The eggs all look different so I can refrigerate the eggs of the non-focus breeds (In regards to breeding, that is)
    2) Will clipping the wings of the Fayoumis make them not able to fly over a roughly 8' fence?
    3) How often do I clip wings?
    4) Do I separate a broody hen and her eggs, chicks, or what? I am totally clueless when it comes to this area of information
    5) Any additional info an all of these breeds - especially the Fayoumis - Will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Welcome to BYC :D

    I believe that Sand Hill Preservation has Fayoumis.

    Instead of roofing your run consider covering it with heavy-duty poultry nettting, you can get smaller pieces on Ebay. Keeps birds in and predators out, but lets in sun and air.

    I see no reason why those birds can't be housed together. Raising friendly, social chicks with wilder ones from the time they are hatched does seem to calm the wild ones down.

    Best to separate broodies, to allow them to set without interference from the other birds, and provide a safe place for the chicks until they are mobile enough to stay out of trouble.

    The Learning Center has several articles on hatching and raising chicks, broodies, housing, etc.
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    Mar 16, 2015
    Thank you!
  4. zackcrack00

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    Mar 16, 2015
    Upon doing more research, I learned that Fayoumis do poorly in confinement. I am now switching to Langshans; I have always been kind of partial to them, anyway.I am going to start a new thread asking opinions... Thank you everyone!

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