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    Wow, that is for seriously special :hmm
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    Pulling back from the jetway.

    I am getting the flock out of here
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    good luck safe trip enjoy what little time you get
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    A little photo fun Oz!! heheheheh...[​IMG]

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    Sin, MX. now CA.
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    Its 12:35PM PST on Friday, March 29, 2013 and 03:35AM on Saturday, March 30, 2013 in the Philippines. The wonders of the International Date Line. I am on board a Philippines Airlines 747-400. It’s known as “the old plane” as it did not undergo the interior renovations that their other 4 jumbos did. I may seem spoiled but when I see this plane I get depressed, The key difference is the seats in business class. They don’t go flat. That means, a side sleeper like me does not get much sleep. Now, I understand that there are 340 people further back in the plane that would be ecstatic about a free upgrade to the seat I have – but for me – its not free. The upside of not sleeping all the way there is, I get to pull out my computer and tell you about it, LOL.

    So, we are five hours from Manila, 10.5 hrs into the flight. We are at 38,000ft and cruising at about 610 miles per hour. To put it into perspective, we have flown from LAX to NY and back, with one more leg to go. It’s a long way. 7291 miles according to the frequent flier chart.

    I was a little “peckish” and needed a treat. The flight attendant brought me a bag of Doritos. They were round in shape because of the lack of air pressure in the plane and the expansion of the air that was placed in the Doritos bag at ground level turned the Doritos back into one of those mylar balloons. It caused me to think of the air cells in the 290 eggs I have in the golf bag. That air is placing pressure on the membranes, separating the external and internal membranes, causing the deformed, saddle type air cells so familiar to the recipient of shipped eggs.

    I personally will be happy with a hatch rate of 60 from 180 chicken eggs, 4 from 16 duck eggs and 30 from 94 coturnix quail. Mostly, I hope for a minimum of a breeding pair or trio from each variety. This will be a “only throw out the stinkers and keep hatching till day 25” style hatch as its Bernie’s first. He won’t have the luxury of jumping onto BYC and asking for help from Sally Sunshine, Sumi, Chicksooner and Cochins088 and others in Sally’s thread. Still, Bernie has a gift for this. I am ok with leaving this valuable project in his hands.

    So what else is in my luggage apart from eggs?

    I have a Brother Laser Printer/Scanner/Copier for Mrs. Oz as her’s crapped out while printing her finals reports. I managed to get one that uses the same laser ink cartridges so that will help with the budget!

    4 eggs turners, 3 types of antibiotics, Mareks and Pox Vaccination, thermostats and fans for the bator I have to assemble as soon as I get there.

    Easter Eggs! Chocolate bunnies, eggs, marshmallow peeps – all for Sunday’s Easter egg hunt. It will be our kids first.

    Giand Lego style blocks, a bubble maker, baby shampoo, kids toothpaste as well as 196 size 4 diapers and 182 size 5 diapers, Some batteries for cell phones, 2 LSU fig tree cuttings, some grape vines ideal for tropics and some bottlebrush seedlings. An 8” tablet for the kids alphabet games and a pink moto razr for Mrs Oz third phone. Round it out with some prescription meds for blood pressure and that takes care of 254 pounds of luggage. My change of clothes is in my carry on.

    This trip could have never come together without the rallying support of Hillflowerranch and OffGridMAMA. I will always be indebted to them. I salute generosity of those who gave me eggs in order to share in the experience. I also thank all I purchased eggs of who lovingly packed them. And a special thanks to my sister who got me back to the airport on time and to dave, my room mate who I left with a mess of cyclonic proportions.

    Now its 4 hrs till landing. They will serve breakfast in 2 hours so I might try and get a nap.

    I had a great power nap. I awoke to the smell of breakfast in the air. I am having chicken in a sweet, spicy sauce, scrambled eggs and rice. Perfect.

    The purser came through. I lodged my dismay at the old plane, she handed me a voucher for 25K frequent flier miles. It was a very pleasant exchange. I know what to say, and she agrees, I ask for a voucher and she agrees. I fill in a “we care” form so she shows she is interacting with “elite” passengers. It’s a win all the way around – except for my bum that would have preferred the other seat.

    So now its 90 minutes until we land. The customs forms are being distributed and the duty free is being sold. It’s getting close.

    As we flew direct, we picked up all but two hours of the delay. I have ample time to make my original connecting flight. Mrs Oz and the gang were leaving the beach house at 6am to pick me up at 11.
    We are about an hour from the Philippines. Its daylight through the windows. The deep blue sea twenty-two miles below us. Half way down are cotton ball like cumulus clouds all seeming to be suspended at the same level. Even after more than 200 flights, being above the clouds is always fascinating to me.
    This plane is massive. Thousands and thousands of pounds, yet the same principal that gets a bird of the ground gets this Jumbo Jet off the ground – just make the top of the wing a little larger in surface area than the bottom of the wing, and give it some thrust.
    In fifteen minutes or so we should start to make our initial decent. Its time to get to the bathroom before 375 others get the idea.
    Arival…………now for immigration and customs……………….

    I am in the domestic airport. Luggage checked through. Yeeeehaaa [​IMG]
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    whats in your luggage sir?

    Diapers, easter eggs.

    Ok, have a good trip
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