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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    7/8 Ayam Cemani cockerel x high percent Ayam Cemani NN cross hen
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    gob = mouth eg. shut your gob

    gobsmacked = hit in mouth, stunned

    its good to be bilingual. i speak english and merkan
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    Lol. Amazing.

    My wife is not a NN fan, but they have been growing on me.

    Googled 'show girl chicken'!

    If you are thinking of the all black birds, perhaps they need a linking country, export from Indo to another country, then import to the US. That's how many things get into Oz, via NZ
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    There are importing snydicates in Oz advertising for investors ATM.
    They are bringing in lots of interesting chooks , but havent seen these on the list yet.

    xxxx M
  8. ozexpat

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    When I first saw Ayam Cerami, I started to google and found some in Northern Europe. Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch so I am pretty sure some probably came back in diplomatic pouches.

    There is a breeders club in Sweden that I found as well.

    Greenfire Farms loves to locate breeds that are a little different, hype them up and make great money out of them. Its an excellent business strategy. 5000 dollars for a juvenile pair is a bit over the top though I am sure enough collectors have put down their 100 buck deposit to make their initial investment back.

    Using legal intermediary countries is the way to go if you wanted to import to USA or OZ - but to get a breed into Australia would take loads of cash. The quarantine process is mind boggling. You just may get your hatched eggs in time for point of lay. Coming from Oz to USA is quite easy. Greenfire farms brought their first imported chickens from Australia - Silver and Coronation Sussex.
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    LOL, my avatar is actually my 2nd son...he's 5. Believe it or not, the boy in my avatar is my most serious child. He is just really no nonsense, don't bother me, very little tolerance for annoyances. He's the only one of my kiddos for whom tickling cannot rid the grump monster. The matter how upset, or angry, or whatever...a tickle here, a tickler there, a silly face aimed their way...pulls them right out of it. But Mason-man? Stoic. But he has this side to him that is absolutely goofy. And he's been making the goofiest faces since he was an infant. We have an entire album nicknamed "The Mason-Face Album", LOL! Case in point:


    He wasn't always such a serious kid. He was a happy, laid back, easy baby. He had three separate seizure events as a toddler and, although his neurologist thinks his personality change is unrelated...well....I know what I know. My boy was his regular old self the morning of the 2nd seizure. He seized that evening, and he's not quite been the same since. He has been doing better in the last few months, though. And he's not had a seizure since August 2010. They were apparently fever related each time.

    Anyways, lol. Digging up those photos meant a walk down memory lane! Back to chickens!
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    Most kids have no long term after effect from febrile seizures so I wish him well.

    He can sure make a great face though!!

    Our 18 moth old that we are adopting is an early talker to the extreme. He enunciates every word - even multi-syllable words.

    Last week when his older sister was going to go to school - Mrs oz was worried he would want to go. He come out with: "Now Mummy, remember you told me last week that I gould not go to school yet because I am just a little kid? Well its OK"

    18 months of age... He is very amusing. "Daddy are you coming home today? Well just let me know when you need me to pick you up from the airport"

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