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    Typhoon Vinta slams into Northern Philippines


    This one will have no effect on us
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    Is it just me, or is this a extra busy year?

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    Around 19 tropical cyclones or storms enter the Philippine Area Of Responsibility in a typical year and of these usually 6 to 9 make landfall. This is just an average year
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    Feb 22, 2012
    far from Sibuyan too
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    Amen on the plants with a purpose thing. I HATE the whole 'lawn' culture we've gotten into in the US, it's so sad to me that folks get such a hard time for trying to grow food instead of lawns. Silly wasteful lawns. I was raised with my mom growing veggies and fruits. Every house we lived at, she would plant grape vines and fruit trees, aside from her rented community garden plot she maintained until the day she died. My mom gardened in my backyard, everytime she visited. Always her fingers in the dirt. [​IMG]

    I have planted a fig, a grape and a muscadine this year. I also planted the seed of a storebought mango and to my surprise this thing has flourished! It's in my bathroom now, I am scared it wont handle the colder temps [​IMG] I have fished purslane out of my neighbor's gutter, hoping it will grow in my yard. That stuff is an amazing source of omega3's... let's hope the chickens will like it if it grows. There's also a nursery in the next town that has all sorts of wonderful 'exotic' things. I hope to add atleast a plum next year, and hopefully a persimmon and a pomegranate.. they carry olives, limes, lemons and oranges that are suited for my climate though, which is tantalizing to say the least!

    In a perfect world this is my retirement: LOADS of plants that provide food to either me or my chickens. Maybe a pond with edible fish. I'm 31, we've got time [​IMG]
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    I did not know that citrus had thorns!!

    We would SO love to add an orange tree or two, but being in upstate NY, the only way we could keep a citrus tree would be indoors or at the neighbor's green house. I think they have a lemon tree as it is.

    We ARE growing a pineapple though! We cut the top off a pineapple last year and put it in a vase with water and then we kind of forgot about it, lol. Months and months and months later, my husband was like, "Oh hey!!! The pineapple top has roots!" So we planted it. Its getting nice and big! Our neighbor has one that grew a fruit on it. That would be nice!

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