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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by SkyWarrior, Aug 12, 2010.

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    Apr 2, 2010
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    Well, so far they're not killing each other -- that's something, right?

    I have 4 BO and a BO cross that are somewhere near 8 weeks old.

    I have 6 EEs that are the mellowest of the group (I have 22 chickens total) in their separate pen. They're about 20-25 weeks and one is laying.

    I put the BOs in a crate and kept them with the EEs for about a week. I then sneaked in at night and slipped the BOs out. In the morning, the BOs were in the "safe area" around the crate that is tight for the older birds but not so tight for them. I make sure they have food and water.

    Currently, the BOs are making tentative trips outside but are sometimes shooed back in by an EE. Sometimes they venture pretty far, but they're timid. Sometimes the older birds will chase them if they're timid. [​IMG]

    Overall, there's sort of a tolerance going on and some exploration, but right now, they're not best of friends. I've caught a BO next to some of the EEs with no problems. It's been a few days now.

    I'm thinking that eventually everyone will make nice and they'll be a flock, but at this time, it's just tolerance. Am I right to just be patient and keep an eye on things? [​IMG]
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    Yes you are right.

    It's not in the flock's nature to accept outsiders. As long as the youngsters have a place to get away from the older ones they'll probably be fine. [​IMG]

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