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6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
I've had my baby chicks for around 2 weeks now, and they are still terrified of me. OD comes to me with I have a little earthworm for him/her. Puffy jumps into my arm when it's a little chilly. Lingling is a cute and loves to be a good mood. And Happy feet freaks out whenever I try to go near them. Can anyone give me tips on how to gain their trust/make them like me more?
Try handling them more often. This will show them not to be afraid of you. Put some feed in your hand and hold it there even if chicks don't come over. Good luck with your chicks! -bbchickies
Handling them and talking to them seems to help.
Our Plymouth Rocks will jump in your lap now and want to be petted.
We got rid of our Wyandotttes though they seemed to be to wild. I think it just depends on their personality sometimes.

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