Getting Well After the Flu


8 Years
Sep 18, 2011
Huntsville, Tx
Hey yall, I haven't posted in 2 weeks. Some Alien took over my body and mind and I couldn't function. Hubby took good care of the chickens, and me. Poor thing used all his sick time taking care of me. Now I need to get my strength back. It hurts to load the dishwasher. Took me 3 hours off and on the sweep the floor yesterday. Man, it's good to be back.
Did you have the upper respiratory thing? I got it the week before Thanksgiving, and was down until about the week before Christmas. I went to work for 5 hours 3 days a week, came home went to bed. Had to stay home from the Real Estate office one day, never have missed my day in 3 years, and slept 75% of the time I was home. I still have the cough, its so bad I either wet my pants, get lightheaded and dizzy, or throw up. Some days I am lucky and do all three. I still don't feel "good". I love the holidays, but this year I can honestly say I was tickled to pieces to see them over with. Still have to put the stuff away I did get out . . .luckily I have wonderful granddaughters who love to help. . .sorry you were so sick. It's not fun for sure. I would just tell myself, one more hour and then only 3, one more hour and then only 2 . . .bad stuff!!!
What does having the flu feel like?
I cough so hard it gives me a terrible sinus headache, bending over is just agony and nothing really helps. Sometimes and a lot of the time, fever, aches, pains, hard to breathe, snotty down your throat, in your nose and your ears hurt . . .you feel like you have been hit by a mac truck. I usually don't get it, but since I handle dirty money every day at the mom and pop grocery store I work at three days a week, I wonder if that isn't responsible for it. . .whatever this strain is (and the flu shot which I would NEVER take, is not working, because I have had countless people come in the store sick as a dog and can't figure out why since they "took the flu shot.")

I really hope you only have to read about it . . .if you have the stomach flu, its horrific cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and the same aches pains and fever. Great stuff . . .
I had the stomach stuff along with the fever, aches, pains, sleeping whenever I wasn't puking or pooping. I even pooped in my sleep. I have the greatest hubby in the world. He kept me in clean panties, and took good care of me. I told him if a robber broke in, I would ask if they brought a gun to shoot me.
That's rough! My daughter came down with it (upper resp) on Christmas and ended up in the ER one morning when she couldn't breath. They're still watching it for pneumonia. She's been so sick like you have been. I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Please don't over do it.
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My DH read that the reason the flu is seasonal is because we don't get the vitamin D3 we need from the sun in the winter. He asked me to put the whole family on it (vit D3) and it really has improved our health. My kids haven't been sick at all this winter yet. And they've even been exposed to other sick kids (on accident) I suggest you try some to help you regain your strength... At least it can't hurt

Hope you feel better soon
Walked to the coop with DH this evening. My heart was pounding, but I made it. My RIR's have really grown from 10-12 weeks. They are as big as my leghorns. Pretty tired now. Take Care Yall.
What I remember most about the flu is overwhelming body aches, chills, and weakness. The weakness would sometimes last a month. Now I get a flu shot, and since starting flu shots, I have not had the flu for over 20 years.

If you think you got the flu even with getting a flu shot, it's most likely not the flu. There are other viruses and colds out there that make one feel terribly miserable. The flu shot only covers the most common flu bug, and whatever flu has been making rounds this year.

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