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    Oct 6, 2013
    So my young (about 5 months old) ISA Brown chickens just started laying. Today we walked in on one hen who just looked like she was in a world of pain in the nesting box. Later on our return we discovered the largest chicken egg we've ever seen![​IMG]

    It's the brown one on the right, being compared to store bought grade A large. Is this strange or a rather common thing to have happen? This is our first time raising chickens! Anyway another hen came in soon after and her claw accidentally punctured the egg and we had to throw it out. The yolk was ginormous as well. Just a single yolk.

    We also have black Jersey Giants that have not started laying yet. I wonder if even they will lay an egg quite that big!
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    It's pretty common with chickens especially production type birds, which is why breeds like various types of Sex Links and Leghorns are prone to be egg-bound. My Red Star laid extra large eggs but my Easter Egger occasionally would lay eggs that would even exceed in her size!
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    It is pretty common. Until they get their laying down pat, this can happen. By the way, [​IMG] from S. Florida! So glad you joined us all!

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