'Gimpy' chick~ Help?

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8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
So we just our first order of chicks in the mail, 31 arrived safe, 1 got a little roughed up on the way.

I don't have any pics, but essentially it's left hock is bent backwards. Yesterday it just seemed to prefer keeping the leg straight, so we separated it from the others but it got considerably worse overnight.(to the point of being reversed)

Where I worked we just got rid of them, but my 'rents are insisting on keeping it. So is there anything that can be done for the leg? It's not walking very well, falls over more then it manages to hobble about. I'd say it's in pain, (listless, shaking) but it still eats and drinks enough, though not as voraciously as the others.

Thanks in advance,
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You might be able to try the band aide booties or the little sling for splay leg, though I'm not positive it would really help if the hock is backwards. Worth a try though. I would also give it some poly-vi-sol drops as well. Good luck- and I hope your baby feels better soon
Splinting seems to be a good thing, is helping so far. At least, as long as the darn thing stays on properly! Anyone have any ideas on getting it to stay on?? We're using medical tape and pipe cleaners, but it only lasts for an hour at best. The splint is intact, but she rotates it until it's backwards on her leg! Would increasing the angle help? Any more and she probably won,t really be able to walk. Is that really bad? (food/water in reach of course)

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