Girls first eggs


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Jun 8, 2009
My girls are about 16 weeks old. Im looking forward to when they deliver their first eggs. Are the first eggs that come any good to eat? I know they could be small with small yolks etc. But do they taste different? How long after the hens start laying are the eggs at their best?
First eggs are as Dee-licious as the ones that follow. Eat them! The only reasons I haven't eaten my chickens first eggs is if they were laid with a partial shell or without a shell altogether. Also, if you're medicating your chickens, then don't eat the eggs. Otherwise, you're missing out on GOODNESS.

And once you taste their first eggs, you will be turned off by the flat taste of the store-bought eggs.
I kept the first egg of each of my pullets to blow and keep. But the second and die for.
I totally agree. Eat up and enjoy. We got our first egg on labor day. We waited until we had a dozen and had a mini party with those who helped build our coop and enclosed yard. We've received six in the last few days. We have one gal holding out, but that's ok. They're just 24 weeks.. CONGRATS.

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