Girls picking on Rooster?

Lisa Wood

7 Years
Mar 6, 2016
AIKEN, South Carolina
I have ten assorted breeds, seven weeks old. The rooster is Golden Cuckoo Marans, the bully girls are both huge Choc Orpingtons. So he is at least half their size, and is fair to the rest of the girls, but trues asserting himself. The Orpingtons chest butt him, peck him every now and then, and will even intervene sometimes when he is being assertive with smaller females. By smaller, I mean his size.
THEy are not hurting him, I just thought the rooster is the leader? One of the huge Orpingtons is the lead hen. Does he have to take her crown off or what? She is also my fav.
Once he matures, the girls will accept him as the leader, but until that time he is just an annoying little punk to the girls. My last cockerel was chased off the subordinate girls by higher ranking members of my flock at first. It's normal and nothing to worry about.

At 7 weeks, think of them as being 3rd or 4th graders. Human kiddos that age aren't acting with adult roles, they're just kids. There are male and female differences, but not so much as when they're mature. He'll come into his own, and the size will not be an issue once his hormones start flowing.

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