Given the choice, should I add new hens as chicks, pullets or full grown hens?

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    Last summer, we got 3 chicks- a Rhode Island Red, a Buff Orpington, & a Silver-laced Wyandotte. They were doing fantastic, getting 18-21 eggs/week (way more than I was expecting). Sadly, 2 of the girls (RIR & Orpington) were killed by a predator and our Wyandotte is lonely. She was the baby and definitely the bottom of the pecking order. Knowing chickens are such social creatures, we'd like to get 1-2 new chickens. I'm looking for advice on whether we should introduce new girls as chicks, pullets or adults? Having the eggs soon would be ideal to me as our 9 month-old son loves his scrambled eggs with spinach for lunch every day, but I realize that adding full grown hens might not be the best option.
    TIA for advice & words of wisdom!

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    Since you only have one, it might be good to find another hen at this point -- and hope the adjustment isn't too bad. You don't want to put chickens in with her who are smaller than she is, as she will likely kill them. If you get chicks, you need to raise them separately. Unless she happens to go broody. Then you can slip day old chicks under her and let her raise them.
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