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    Does anyone know if it's okay to feed my 6 week old flock the flowering tops of my herbs that I cut back? Like dill, parsley, basil? I've read were you can give them the herb itself, but I need to cut back my flowering tops and wasn't sure if I can throw those into their run for them to eat?

    Also, I read where you should not give chickens any moldy food. What about a fresh fruit salad that is on the verge of going bad, it's not moldy, but I would not eat it, should that be avoided as well? Is the rule of thumb, if I won't eat it due to it going bad, I should not give it to my girls? Can they eat kiwi or fruits that have seeds?

    Thanks so much!
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    Hi there!

    Herbs are extremely healthy for chickens of all ages. You have no reason to fear giving the tops of the herbs you listed to your flock. It'll benefit them immensely.

    As long as the fruit is not moldy, it is fine to feed. Chickens are like garbage disposals and will eat the leftovers we no longer find appetizing. Remember though, treats are meant to only take up 10% of a chicken's daily diet so be careful to not overfeed your birds.

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