giving them more room?


9 Years
May 5, 2010
Central Indiana
well my pullets have now reached what I consider full size-- one problem now... there are likely too many birds in their tractor. We were hoping to have been moved by now to our new farm where I could have built a larger coop. I am using a 4x10 tractor and have just about 3-square foot per bird. I do move the tractor as needed to give them new grass and a change of scenery.

I DO HAVE another tractor/pen that I could move 1/2 into, but my gut feeling says NO
-they are justing starting to lay, and I do not want to change something this drastic and mess them up
-they have been together since day 1
-we are close to winter, where their body heat will be important and they cuddle up nicely.

They EASILY fit in the upper-deck of the tractor and each have space to perch.

What should I do? Should I do the move/split, or keep em together? I suppose once winter hits, there is no need to move the tractor to fresh grass (since there is none). I could make/connect a chicken run to the tractor to give more exercise space.
Unless they are showing signs of feeling crowded, like a lot of squabbles or pecking, I'd also be inclined not to separate them. Sounds like it would be better to add a bit more run, as you suggested. They don't need 4 sq ft to sleep! And I am normally a proponent of MORE space, not less -- but not for sleeping only.
Good advice and great reply-- thanks! I agree.. I did notice when I let them out the other day-- they wanted to 'fly' -- therefore I will probably make a 'taller' run too so that they can enjoy flapping a bit.

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