Giving treats separately or together?


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Oct 5, 2014
Every question I've ever had has been posted before so I've never had to create an account... But finally I'm stumped. I'm sure it's been asked but I can't quite find the answer.

We are the proud parents of 5 chicks (2 orps, 1 brahma, 1 amercuna, 1 SLW) :D they're about 7-8 weeks.

Today I bought crickets for the first time. i got 12, figuring everyone would get at least one if I threw them all into the brooder. My light brahma is by far the biggest one and caught and gulped down 2 right off the bat. The small orp ran around chirping loudly with a cricket in her mouth while others were trying to steal it from her.

So my question... Is this a game of keep away? All in good fun? (You steal my cricket, I steal it back and we all run around like crazy?) Or should I be giving treats like that individually? Pull one chick out, give it a treat and put it back? This way it ensures that they all get treats?

Anytime a chick caught a cricket, I took her out and let her eat in peace, then put her back.

The big one isn't a "bully" but she loves to eat. My husband said to take her out and let the little ones have a chance. But even then there's a lot of frantic running and stealing. I feel like they're playing, but am not sure if im teaching them to steal from each other?

As new parents, we're paranoid about teaching bad habits.

Thank you!!
LOL...agreed!!! Even if a chick picks up a bit of dirt or grass that isn't really anything, as soon as one chick shows interest...the others come running thinking its something amazing they need to have as well
I do block off one bird sometimes if another has something so it can enjoy in peace, but it is all harmless. I also make sure everyone gets their fair share because there is always one little one that just doesn't seem to get in there and keep their treat
I found my superstar bug eater

Also have one that doesn't quite get it. I'll pull her aside with one of the smaller chicks in hopes of getting her to eat crickets and mealworms. She just doesn't have the pallet for bugs I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any limits on how much they can have? Do I need to provide grit? They just gobble up those mealies and crickets that i just wanna shower them with it!
Limit treats so they eat a balance diet... As for grit, it's not technically necessary (but still recommend and thus should be provided) if the primary diet is processed commercial feed as it's already ground up, but if they free range, are fed fresh food or whole grains they should most certainly have grit available to them... For what a bag of grit cost (a few bucks for a bag of granite grit at the feed store) IMO it's a no brainier to give it to them...

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