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    Nov 3, 2009
    Grenada, Ms
    No..........this ain't about the famous R&B's about show-time in Randall's wash room starring a heated box full of a new crop of GG's ..................... pip, pip, pip, pip, pip, pip........ [​IMG]
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    Sep 23, 2009
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    Dec 11, 2010
    Good luck with latest hatch Randall. Dont figure you'll need any luck thou. At this point hatch'in them fuzzy butts is likely as old hat as putt'in on you're socks... You and JJ got some go'in most all the time.

    Hell I can't keep enough pens open use'in this Brinsea 20. If I had one of those big ol "deluxe" bators you all use, I would'nt have time to mow my grass!! I did order me one of the auto turners for mine today thou. Just could stand suck'in hind tit no more!! [​IMG] Bill
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    Ya gotta love those Giant Ga's! I've been test hatchin' GGs, Mex Specs, Tenns Reds & Whites for the last week or so... They look like fire ants runnin round in the brooder! [​IMG]
  5. _Randall_

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    Nov 3, 2009
    Grenada, Ms
    Quote:Ha Ha.......JJ's got me beat by far on delivery suites, no doubt. Actually, this is the first hatch for me this year. Gave my first to-be hatch to the folks that got me started, + another 114 eggs that were ready to set. Out of all those, they just hatched the last (114), and they now have 224 GG chicks to get them back in business. But oh well, I'm fixin' to set every 7 days from now on out to build my stock. I wanna have at least 500 by fall, but we'll see.

    Looks like you've got the hang of fillin' up those nice coops. Keep'em comin', my friend. Who knows, I may try Chuckars or something else one day, but I just am stuck on Bobs. Love eveything about'em. Yeah, they'll make you wanna get the 12 gauge out sometimes, but I still love raisin' em........and moreso eatin'em.....Yep, those auto-turners are the cat's meow. I've only got 2, but bought 2 extra sets of quail rails for lockdown. Man, it's handy to remove the auto turner, lay down the quail rails, fill'em up, shut the door, and carry on with other things. keep us posted on that chuckar thing.........I may go astray, and try that one day on down the road..... [​IMG]
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