GLW and SLW - or ???

Salem Witch

10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
Green Mountains
Okay, now that you have all solved the mystery of one of the EE's I got being a Dark Brahma... I am now noticing that the Golden Laced Wyandotte and Silver Laced Wyandotte that I got (all from the same farm) don't look as I expected.. I thought that they were mostly black birds with silver or gold lacing, looking like fish scales to the feathers...

I'm hoping the chicken experts here at BYC can help me out.. maybe this is how they should look at 7 weeks, or maybe I've got something else? The lady that sells these gets them from a hatchery in Texas, a "big one" she said, and that is all I know as to their origins... she did mention that she's been getting chicks from the same hatchery for years and never has any mix ups.. maybe I am just lucky? LOL

So here is my alleged SLW, 7 weeks:



and the GLW, also 7 weeks:



for awhile, it was really hard to tell them from the 3 EE's, but now their colors are different - this isn't the best photo, but here is the GLW with my Dark Brahma, then an EE, and Barred Rock



I had a feeling! Thanks, everyone. I wonder how many people that got chicks from this woman got something other than what they expected!!? LOL This just means more pretty colored eggs for us!

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