Go In You Dummies


9 Years
Jul 7, 2010
Liverpool, NY
My girls have a nice somewhat coop and refuse to use it for anything but to lay eggs!!!! Rain and those stupid girls look miserable and shake off the rain but refuse to go in, they roost in a pear tree or the door to their pen but never come out unless i let them .....are they really that stupid? We have cold winters, i hope the dont turn into chickencicles any idaes on how to get them to GO IN!!!
at night when they are sleepy, go gather them up and put them in the coop, close the door. in the morning let them out by opening the door. do this for a few nights and they will get the idea.
Yep! This is the way to go! When we introduced the three Welsummer girls(after the quarrantine period and a week in a fenced off corner of the big run) they did not want to go in the big coop at night. They kept looking for the dog crate that was their temporary home. We caught them up the first couple of nights and set them on the bottom roost when it was time for bed. After that they rolled right into the coop behind the other girls every night!

My girls aren't as old as yours but I had to literally reach out the pop door every night and pull them in. They would always huddle right under the door and ladder but wouldn't go in. After three weeks of pulling them in one by one they finally got the idea. It seemed that the day they turned 6 weeks they decided all at once that the coop was the place to go. Now they go in and out all day long. There are even times during the day that they are all inside on the roost. It's kinda funny though, they still sleep on the floor at night. I guess that roosting at night will also come. I am not able to free range so that might have something to do with it. I might not want to come in if I had the run of the yard either. Good luck!

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