Go to bed, Russell!!!


10 Years
Sep 30, 2009
Frederick County, MD
I know chickens are generally quirky birds, but some of mine....goodness, they are WIERD. My dear sweet Russell is a black sex-link, a pullet (originally named Raven by me, my brother said more like a crow, he likes Russell Crowe...
). Her sire was a GLW, mother of course BR. She is pure black, black beak, feet, and even half of her rosecomb is black--but she has two dark red spots of feathers behind her ears.

Lately I've been taking care of the birds after dinner, about sundown, so I get to witness their individual bedtime routine. Now, Russell is in with the EEs, one of the two non-EEs in that flock, and they go to bed earlier than anybody. So I go out there and all the EEs are roosted up and fine. But I go to give the other flock water and I see some dirt being flung near the fence between the flocks. The motion-sensor light is on, but its range excludes that area. I go closer and what do I find?? Creative little Russell, who is no means the lowest on the pecking order, wants to dustbathe on her OWN time.
So she dustbathers at dusk!!! Any stories crazier than Russell's? (oh, and a pic


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