Go to bed, Russell!!!

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    Sep 30, 2009
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    I know chickens are generally quirky birds, but some of mine....goodness, they are WIERD. My dear sweet Russell is a black sex-link, a pullet (originally named Raven by me, my brother said more like a crow, he likes Russell Crowe... [​IMG] ). Her sire was a GLW, mother of course BR. She is pure black, black beak, feet, and even half of her rosecomb is black--but she has two dark red spots of feathers behind her ears.

    Lately I've been taking care of the birds after dinner, about sundown, so I get to witness their individual bedtime routine. Now, Russell is in with the EEs, one of the two non-EEs in that flock, and they go to bed earlier than anybody. So I go out there and all the EEs are roosted up and fine. But I go to give the other flock water and I see some dirt being flung near the fence between the flocks. The motion-sensor light is on, but its range excludes that area. I go closer and what do I find?? Creative little Russell, who is no means the lowest on the pecking order, wants to dustbathe on her OWN time. [​IMG] So she dustbathers at dusk!!! Any stories crazier than Russell's? (oh, and a pic [​IMG] )


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    Sep 1, 2010
    I have one chicken who trys to lift one leg and peck the other at the same time and falls down.

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