Goat breed identification


5 Years
Mar 22, 2016
Rural Missouri
Hey Y’all! My kiddos and I rescued this little girl from a grocery store parking lot last week. Trying to figure out what breed she may be. Doesn’t look quite like my Nigerians. She’s got wattles as well.


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I don't think she's a pygmy (I raise pygmies) to me she looks like an alpine/nigerian mix to me. The wattles are SUPER common in nigerians and she definately has an alpine or alpine mix face to me.
Looks like a Nigerian cross of some sort. The ears look a bit long so there may be some Nubian in there as well but certainly not half. The fact that she has wattles doesn't mean a thing. Wattles are not a breed characteristic.
She is adorable! 🥰
She looks like pygmy to me, I used to raise them decades ago.
I think you are right. Someone suggested that her face and head looked Alpine. I raised Alpine dairy goats for years and none of them ever had a face and head like that kid. She is either Nigerian or Pygmy and if I had to make a bet I would say Pygmy even though I myself suggested Nigerian in an earlier post.

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