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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by boilerjoe_96, Aug 8, 2008.

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    So I am looking to get into Boer goats, mainly to get my girls into the show ring. They currently smother our little pygmy's washing, combing, leash training, etc... So I thought get a couple boer does, and they can show the kids in the spring...

    Well, I found a herd that is to be dispersed due to owners health, he has two 'special does'. Both are registered, but one broke it's leg some time ago and had to be separated form the herd because it limps and gets pushed around. The other was an orphan and is small and is in with the gimpy doe...

    So I thought of getting these two as they are papered just have issues. I would like them to be bred(they did kid in Jan). Can you just throw the buck in with them and he will do his thing? I thought I read that when a buck is put in with a doe she will come into heat and he will take care of business.

    How long do they need to be together to have a resonable chance of being knocked up?
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    Boers come into heat every month, they are a year round breeder unlike most dairy goats for example who breed mostly from August to I think like February.
    For most fairs from what I have been told by my boss who's family are 4-H showers and very much into Boers and Lambs, you have to breed them at certain time as they have to have like all their baby teeth for fair still or something like that. I do not have kids so not sure what the requirements for teeth are for showmanship but apparently the age is very important and the indication of age is teeth.
    Anyway, I know our fairs are in August here, and the kids need to be born around November to qualify. He gave me three bred Boers to kid this November so we shall see what they have. He gets a nice kid out of the deal and I keep the rest. [​IMG] You can pretty much keep the male in with the females for about a month to insure breeding.
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    Two things to consider:
    1) How bad off is the gimpy leg? Will she have problems carrying a heavy load of triplets? Will she be able to stand long enough to let kids nurse?
    2) Why is the other doe small? A triplet may start out small, but should 'catch up' soon. Is there a possible parasite issue that's contributing to her size?

    For what it's worth, my first two 'papered' boer does were about the same situation, one small and one w/ a bad leg...both were put down w/in 18 mos. and I got no live babies from either...I had to learn the hard way that 'special' goats usually aren't going to be great producers.

    Boers can cycle year round, that doesn't mean they will.
    If no buck is around and / or they're nursing or being milked, my girls generally don't cycle.
    When they are cycling, they go into heat every 18-24 days (average 21).

    I start breeding mine in July (for Dec. kids) through Dec. (for May kids).

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