Goat due any time (day, hour, minute... I don't know anymore) here are the signs so far

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    This is my goat's 3rd pregnancy and 2nd kidding. The first time I had a due date and everything went well, let's say ok regarding the kidding part except that she rejected the kid and I bottle raised him. Then she got pregnant (father was gorgeous by the way) and I had an exact due date but both of them (we assume) eat something poisonous (I think rat urine) and buck died within 10 hours and she did not (her babies saved her because the venom passed trough her placenta) but she aborted twins [​IMG]. That was just so sad...

    Well, she got pregnant again (I saw the breeding take place) and I wrote the due date. Three and a half months later buck got access to her, but I did not mind much knowing she was pregnant and she would not accept him. I separated them and that was that.

    She was looking huge to me and her due date(s) came and went and NO udder, No kids... Well, two months after that she started developing an udder and a month after that I saw baby movement. So she got pregnant on that last chance (go figure)...

    Well,, long story short I don't have a due date and for my calculations she's past due (at least a week). She seems fine and of course wants to drive me nuts giving me all the signs but not kidding.

    So far she:
    • has NO ligs and I am sure she does not have them (and she has not had them for days)
    • lost mucus plug (5 days ago)
    • is super sunken on her sides
    • has had some contractions
    • is yawning like crazy
    • is super affectionate
    • is not eating much, just nibbling at her feed
    • has talked to the baby (I think is 1) in that cute voice they have
    • does have big starry eyes
    The only things she's yet to show is a full tight udder (it is big but not tight). She looks fine and I can still see movement (I have read you should not see movement when she is ready to kid... don't know about that one though). I did not see movement for three days and then today baby is non stop and I can tell is making her really uncomfortable with that.

    Well, what do you all think? Is the yawning a more close to kidding sign or do they yawn days before kidding? Last time I did not notice the yawning.

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