Goat Emergency!!!


11 Years
May 28, 2009
South Central, PA
I have a goat that is not good. She was fine around 6am, but by 7:30, was down. She is wobbly when trying to move, and her head is drooping. Her breathing is a bit ragged, but seems normal otherwise. I got her up and she burped and pooped, which looked normal. She took a few steps, and then was down again. This time, she got herself up and has been standing for the past 30 min. without help (head is still drooping). Her stomach isn't extended, so it don't think it is bloat. No change in feed either.

The vet has been called, but one is on vacation and the other is running, he may not make it today. She is a Boer/Nubian doe and her pen is on a hill, so I can't get her into a car.

Looking for any help right now, in case the vet can't come.
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Do you have ANY help, a friend or neighbor you could ask for assistance? If you can get her to the vet, that is what she needs ASAP. A downed goat is an emergency! Roll her onto a tarp or sheet and drag her. The sheet drag is the easiest way to move a heavy someone in an emergency. Then use said sheet to haul the animal into the vehicle. The second person is what will make that easier, since one person can do a sheet drag.

Sounds like she could have either been poisoned with something, or has goat polio OR listeriosis. If it were my goat with the same issues, I'd hit with them up with the treatments as fast as I could draw the meds. Do you keep Pen G and an injectable vitamin B complex on hand?
Just picked up injectable b-1. Her temp is fine too. She has been standing on her own now for almost 2 hours, and not leaning on anything. Vet thinks is early Listeriosis, but he can't come out today. I just sent a plea on FB asking for someone to come help carry her up to the truck. About to go out and give her B-1 injection now.
Polio is something many vets don't think of so you might suggest it. It is a thiamine deficiency and it causes truly bizzarre symptoms in ruminents. Thiamine is produced in the rumen and a digestive upset can bring it on. It responds quickly to injections of thiamine.
Sorry, forgot to update. He actually treated for Polio and Meningeal Worm. She responded within a few hours and came home on Friday. She had some vision problems when got home, but the vet sent home 3 days worth of Thiamine injections and she is back to her old self.

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