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Sep 2, 2009
We keep our goats behind a no climb fence with both top and bottom boards and have never had a problem, but I had someone ask me today what the best type of fence to keep small goats behind would be.

I have only ever kept goats this way so what are other ways you have had success with?

Here you can kind of see how our fence is set up...


Thanks for your responses in advance!
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man i think i need a fence like yours!! i just have a temp set up for my goats currently and my little pygmy can clear my 4 foot chainlink fence like its nothing. luckily i have 6 foot chain link around the rest of the yard which entirely surrounds the goat pen
I just have the 4' woven wire no climb horse fence for my Nigerian Dwarfs. Just make sure they can't get under it.

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