goat learning not to eat rose bushes

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    Oct 27, 2007
    i wound up burning most of the brush in the front yard because if i let the goats in there, they go straight for the rose bushes. for some odd reason, tried it again today with the most calm one and though she went to the roses twice, telling her to stop worked. i can't believe it. she ate a bunch of weeds and also tumbleweeds which are very very thorny. i had just burned one a few days ago as large as my car. not joking.

    maybe she like the weeds better as now they are dried and more bush like than plant like? (goats prefer woody things to plant things) or maybe just with the cold weather she's more motivated. or maybe she's just learning that when she eats the rose bushes she goes back in the back immediately. who knows.

    i am enthralled. maybe by next year she'll be able to take care of a lot more weeds out there. still dont trust the others for just being out there while i'm hanging out. but she's more placid.

    i feel like i finally got some work out of them.

    later this fall i'm going to take at least the placid one out hiking for real with packs and see how she does solo.

    oh, maybe she did better in the yard too as this is the first time her daughter didnt' baaa like crazy at being left out. she got more frisky though when she got the scent of the billy goat in the air. i saw it happen. she looked up, smelled and even though she couldn't see him or hear him, her attitude completely changed. so i will know to watch for that later and to watch which way the wind is too, if such a thing is possbile.

    oh, also, pond didnt freeze even though free standing tubs did. so, yeah. being insulated with the ground helps,i think.

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