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    Apr 11, 2008
    I've been raising pygmy goats for about 2 years. Friday I had a doe kid for the first time and have triplets, only one made it. The doe would lick him but she wouldn't really try to get him to nurse, and she would kinda walk off and leave gim. So, I took him in. I milked her and have been feeded him. Well, this afternoon when it came time for his feeding he would't suck his bottle. Usually one or two times a day I would take him out to stay with his mamma 30-45mins at a time. I was hoping he would be stronger and be able to start nursing from his mamma and be able to stay with her. He would kinda follow her around and any other goat that walked by. He can walk good and has a pretty good set of lungs on him. Well when he wouldn't eat I thought maby he was a little constipated so I put just a little water in his rear. I have raised bottle babies before and had to do this and they would go to the bathroom almost immediatly. Well, he never went. Maby he wasn't constipated, but I only used a little warm water. He would cry a little bit throughout the day earlier. But, after he wouldn't eat now he will lay there until he falls asleep and just cry and baa. I try to keep a lite blanket on him to keep him warm, but I don't think he really likes it. He was trembling just a hair so thats why I tried to cover him uo because I thought he was cold. I have had a few to skip a meal or two and refuse to eat but then they would start back eating full force. Sorry it's so long, but does anybody have any advice or tips PLEASE!!
    Thanks, Sara
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    Has he had some BoSe? I would do that with B complex and force feed him (tube feed). Have you gotten plenty of the dam's colostrum? If so, go ahead and switch the kid to half and half from the store unless you're getting plenty from mom. Keep him very warm.
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    Jul 9, 2007
    Blue Mound, Kansas
    Make sure when you bottle feed him its 102 and not cold as their rumen isnt working yet and he will get a tummy ache from a cold bottle. Also was his mother current on her shots? If not he will need a cd/t shot so he wont come down with entero.and the teatnus , thats what is sounds like almost. They get to where they dont want to eat. entero is mean also ...its called sloshy belly as you can hear the milk in the stomach. Yep sounds like he needs some Bo-se shot or gel soon and the fortified B complex will help also and maybe some banamine to settle his tummy.

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