goat personality question

I have three nigerian Dwarves and one Pygmy. I adore my goaties. They are hilarious and lots of fun. The boys are Wither (neutered) and the girl is not. These goats were city goats before I adopted them and brought them to the country. They love going for walks with me. They were never rough housed with so I rarely ever get butted. Oh and they are all polled (have no horns).

The only caution I have is Goats are somewhat destructive and you have to build your fence with Goats in mind not chickens. Then build the chicken part as a liner. So build a wood fence or stout wire fence that is designed to take the constant rubbing and attempts to climb. Goats put their feet up on EVERY THING, to see over to look around and they walk with one shoulder up against the fence as far as they can go rubbing and scratching along the way. My next fence is going to have a stout wood board at that level to keep them from bending the wire out. Put the chicken wire outside of that or the goats will tear it down. A good all purpose wire for both chickens and goats is No Climb fence for horses. The mesh is small enough for the chickens and stout enough for the goats. Id still do chicken wire up about three feet on the non goat side.

Goats taste every thing. Wire wood dangling rope or birdnetting would be fair game. Put Chicken feeders and waterers inside a chicken only area. Reinforce the door to the chicken area because the Goats WILL try to get in. Goats LOVE scratch.... its like Goat Crack....LOL.

good luck By the way Nigerian Dwarfs are also a dairy goat. My Little Miss Dew Drop is about Knee high.
^ This post is dead on. We had pygmies when I was growing up, and they are full of character. They love to sit on your lap for scratches and cuddles, but if you bend over they'll hop right on top of your back. They LOVE to climb and jump on things. They'll eat just about anything, too.

Do you want them as pets, a 4H project, for milk, or meat? That will influence your decision. The pygmies do great as a lawn mower/fertilizer, but they can't compare to other breeds for meat or milk.
I adored my nubian's sweet personalities.

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