Goat Playground! What do your goats find fun?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Coco, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Coco

    Coco In the Brooder

    Apr 18, 2008
    Anyone have ideas on what toys...jungle gyms...etc, we can construct or fine for our goats?? Currently all we have is a dog igloo that they like to get in and stand on top of. Anyone have any pics of fun things your goats like to do? The more creative the better!
  2. Chickerdoodle13

    Chickerdoodle13 The truth is out there...

    Mar 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    We put fallen trees or big logs in with them. They LOVE those!
  3. Chatychick

    Chatychick Songster

    Jul 9, 2007
    Blue Mound, Kansas
    Well they love to climb, I have gotten the big wooden spools from the electric company and place them where they have ramps to go to the others. I plug the holes so no legs get hurt. Anything that they can climb on...some get the little tykes toys for them to play on, you can get them at garage sales pretty cheap. Mine have a big platform to sun on and they love it. I have ramps for the little 1's so they can get on too. I basically take stuff thats around here and use my imagination and they love it.
  4. Blondie

    Blondie Songster

    When we bought our place there was a dog house next to the barn. Our goats like to lounge on the roof:

  5. justinszoo

    justinszoo Songster

    Mar 24, 2008
    NW Ohio
    Don't have any pics as the kids broke the camera, but I used old pallets to make a small jungle gym for mine. They love it. It has a ramps and 2 platforms.
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  6. dfchaser

    dfchaser Songster

    Apr 25, 2008
    We use the big cable spools. They love them!
  7. Skyesrocket

    Skyesrocket Songster

    Mar 20, 2008
    Some friends made their goats a teeter totter. And the goats love it. They walk up it and back down. He just took a 5' long piece of telephone pole for the bottom and attached a thick plank on top, not sure how he attached it.
    If you have huge rocks on your property you can make the a climbing hill. They love playing king of the hill.
    Mine have been playing it on my picnic tables.
  8. helmstead

    helmstead Songster

    Mar 12, 2007
    Alfordsville, IN
    We use the kid's old playground stuff (you know, the little plastic slides and picnic tables). The kids LOVE to go up and down the slide! It's too cute. DH also likes to build them stuff - gang planks, steps to nowhere. We can't seem to get any of the great big wire spools...but we did find some smaller ones we stacked and they love them, too.
  9. FlightsofFancy

    FlightsofFancy Songster

    Jan 22, 2008
    Canton, GA
    Oh just through a wooden plank out in the yard. They will walk up and down it like it is an island. Then when you think they are bored of it, put a cinder block under it like a ceesaw (SP?) That will give them lots of fun! I also have lawn chairs for them to sit in.
  10. hazelton farms

    hazelton farms Songster

    Jan 4, 2008
    We have a large two treed stump for ours to play on. They LOVE it and the cows can't get up there. [​IMG]


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