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May 22, 2008
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My little togg buck (Cowboy) is a few months old now. He's showing interest in the does. I keep them seperate for now. I was wondering how I might offer his service this fall. He'll be old enough to service my girls, but then what? Could I advertise his service? If so, should it be for them to come here or him to go there? How much is typically charged? What precautions should I take? Health, shots, etc.? How does it usually work?

Thanks for any input.


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Apr 13, 2008
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I would recommend that you draw blood and send in samples to make sure he does not have CAE or CLA.

Once you know that you could advertise that in your ad for his services. If he is not a champion or AGDA with great lines, I will suggest that you have a stud fee of around $25 a day.

Precautions......We loaned our boy with no fee last year to persons who we knew had clean goats. They brought their does to us. We didn't want to risk the potention of either CAE or CLA goats....These can be spread and CLA if it erupts can be in your lan for SEVEN years and that's just unacceptable.

Maybe if you can require a clean bill of health from the owners of the does, that would be wise.

If you are charging a fee, you will want to be sure that the payor understands that this is not a guarantee.

Hope this was helpful...Have a blessed day.


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Mar 19, 2009
The doe comes to the buck. Stud service fee entitles the doe to return service that breeding season if she returns to heat. Chances of spreading either CAE or CL from routine service is not high. Just have the buck breed her, not nose around a lot.


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Jan 4, 2009
...keep in mind...the does that are brought to your farm need to be disease free...I would make a "Certificate of Veterinary Inspection" mandatory...Exposing my billy to a sick/unhealthy doe is not an option...the stud fee is nowhere near to his value...
As far as stud price...If you have an ennobled animal or the son of one you can name your price...at least with a boer goat...otherwise I think the hassle would outweigh the potential profits.
If and when the does come to your place put them in a pen next to your billy...so they can make direct contact but can't "get together" for a few days. The does should start to cycle with the introduction of the new buck, providing they have been taken care of properly and are able to cycle. When you notice the first doe showing ANY signs of heat or cycle introduce all the animals to the billy....I would call this pen breeding...When I pen breed I put a martingale on the billy so I'm sure all the does have been serviced...and can easily see if the billy "missed" any and had to reservice them at a latter date...then when the owner of the does picks up his animals you can give him/her a service date...remember if he is a registered animal you will have to give him a "service memo"if he plans on registering the offspring....and you will want him to contact you with information later on the birth so you can record this information in your billy's file.

this is Ivan...he is a double registered abga/usbga billy...he is in a "pen breeding " situation in the picture...I took the martigale off for the picture....He has 13 ennoblements in his 5 year pedigree...not him yet but we are working on it...You don't want to know what I charge to expose a doe to him.....and I wouldn't tell you anyway...


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