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14 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
Hey everyone I have a question. I'm going to texas this summer and I will be going to first monday trade days. They are supposed to have a TON of animals, including goats. We are looking for a very young baby goat so we can bottle feed it (a bottle baby). What i'm asking here is, do auctions usually sale bottle babies? Or do they sale babies that are big enough to eat on thier own?

We are wanting to buy a very young goat so we can bottle feed it. We want to buy a bottle baby.

usually both

lot of time they will split off does and tiny kids, sell the mums separately, be aware if this happens you will have a harder time getting them to take the bottle, it will take a bit longer

the other thing to do would be if someone buys a doe with baby kid at foot, approach them and ask if they would sell the kid
Please get 2~

Auctions usually are ones that people don't want, sick or aren't "perfect" like utters, etc etc but they have to have kids as well.

My advice is find 2 does

What kind are you getting....meat or dairy?
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I am wanting to get two pygmy goats. But I am only wanting to buy bottle babies, so I hope they will be selling bottle babies.

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