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    Nov 4, 2013
    How can I tell when my doe is in season? I do not let my buck run with the does.I am pretysure 1 is beed but the outher I don't know. I thought she was ready but when I put her in with the buck she run. I left her in all day. I not sure how you can tell if she is breed. It has been 2 mounths already. I have breed the 2 now for 3 years with this buck and they have 3 kids each.What signs do I look for asto reather she is breed or in season? Thanks 1 old hen
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    Apr 21, 2013
    I had that trouble with my goats also. If they are bred they will not go in heat in 18-21 days and won't be interested in the buck anymore. Leave the buck in with the does you want bred for a while. I leave my buck with them for about a month or two. That way they will be sure to be bred. You can also try a marking harness. You put the harness on the buck, when he mounts the doe, the doe will have the color you put on the bucks harness on her sides. I don't put marking harnesses on my buck, I usually can tell when the doe was mounted, because she will have mud and dirt on her sides. I hope this helps!

    The signs of heat in does are:
    • Flagging" (wagging) her tail.
    • Mounting other does.
    • Letting other does mount her.
    • Fighting
    • Swollen and/or pink rear end.
    • Mucous discharge from her vagina
    • Her side tail hair is wet and/or clumped together.
    • Yelling for no reason.
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