Goatsmilk Soap?

Who all makes it? Im just in love with it and want to start making my own but its hard to learn how without some guidance.
My mother use to make it. It is a difficult soap to start out on though. I recommend you start learning how to do soap first on glycerin or "melt and pour" soap. That is what my mother would start children out on. It is very easy and not really soap making at all. It just gets you use to understanding temperatures, coloring, scenting, and such. Then work up to lye. When you have mastered lye, start on goats milk soap.

There are many soap making communities and e mail lists on line. Many experienced people. Be careful about taking random recipes and advice though. Lye soap making is somewhat dangerous, and goats milk soap even more so, if done incorrectly. Any advice and recipe you get, cross reference it. If you see this sort of thing appear in multiple sources, it is probably safe.

I am not saying you will burn your house down, but lye is caustic, and when you add goats milk to lye soap, you have to keep it cold and constantly stir it until it is properly Incorporated. It creates a chemical reaction when lye is met with goats milk. It causes the mixture to heat up and if not kept cool it can ruin the batch, or even make a soap volcano. Oh and do NOT use Aluminum utensils or pots. Not unless you want a home made volcano. It's fun to watch but a terrible mess to clean up.

Remember to keep the place ventilated, and wear protective gloves and goggles to avoid getting lye on the skin and in the eyes. It isn't terribly hard to do. You just have to take care in your actions and research first.

The biggest danger of soap making is once you start, it is impossible to stop. Soap making is addictive!!

There are many great soap making books, online communities and online supply stores for you to check out. I wish you good luck!

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