Going for it!! please check my knowledge


8 Years
Dec 6, 2011
Moorpark, CA
My homemade bator is finally set up and I'm almost ready to go for it! I want to confirm what I have learned (or think I have lol) before I go for the gusto.

Eggs: I can collect for a week and leave on the counter in 55-70 degree. NOT the fridge, correct? I have 7 laying almost daily so if I should only collect for a day or 2 please let me know.

The settings: I think I'm going to do dry method. It seems to work best from what I have read. So temp should be 100 -100.5 and humidity at 30% until lock down.

Turning: want to do 2x but 3x is necessary?

Also, my roo is a amerucana and I got my hen from same store at same time. I'm guessing they are siblings. Should I not hatch them? I did get another EE hen but she is too young. My others that are laying are sex links, barred rock and cuckoo maran.

Wish me luck and PLEASE let me know if you see any problems with my game plan. Thanks!!
All sounds good to me. Happy hatching.
I think that turning an odd number of times is meant to ensure that the yolk doesn't wind up in the same location. Maybe this isn't proven to make a difference. If it does, maybe go for 3x?
Good point chemguy. I think I will try for 3 times a day for my first hatch. I will keep everyone updated. I can't wait to see what chicks I end up with!! And just to confirm my EE roo breeding with my brown layers will only produce brown. correct?

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