Going from forced air to still air for lockdown what temp?


8 Years
Jan 7, 2012
I was given a LG still air incubator. I want to use it for a hatcher only. Tomorrow is lockdown. Days 1-18 in forced air LG. Temp 99-100 humidity 30-40. What temp do I want in the still air for the last three days? Never used a seperate hatcher before. I would hate to kill the eggs in the last 3 days. The still air has been running 99 towards the bottom. 102-103 where the top of the eggs would be. I know the humidity needs to be at least 65. I want to get temps right and stable first. Thanks in advance for any help.
I put my small wood cabinet still air incubator that I use for hatching at 99-100, I don't have a humidity gauge but I fill both of the metal trays that came with the incubator with water
Ok was just wondering if it would help stop the shrinkwrap problems some. I'm so nervous about switching them that I just might not do it. I probably need to find a better way to test run the still air.
I really don't have a problem with shrink wrapping in my bators, I have an auto turner, I only candle twice, I make sure the water is full in the trays on day 18 and I don't open any bator for anything. Do you want me to send you some eggs so you can try it out? You would just have to pay shipping
Thanks for the offer. I have fertile eggs. I just don't want to have to wait 21 days. My other LG works good. I got the extra one for free might as well use it as long as it doesn't screw up my eggs.
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Hey Kitty I just took a look at you're babies. I might just take you up on you're offer of eggs even though my BF will kill me.

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