Going into Coop when we aren’t home


Sep 22, 2019
We have 12 chickens. One is 18 weeks and the rest are 9 weeks. We moved them to the coop approximately 3 weeks ago and we have an automatic coop door that closes at sunset. We did the whole lock them in for a few days but they are super inconsistent about going in at night. Some will but others won’t. However, two nights this week we were gone and got home way past sunset and found all twelve had gone in both nights (I was sure I would be carrying them in). The very next night when we were home 5 didn’t go in. Wondering why they all might have gone in when we were gone but not other nights?
The 9 weeks old are in the teen age years, so to speak. They want to stay out late at night on the street corner, so to speak. Set your automatic door to close a little later. I would guess the nights you were gone, perhaps it got dark a bit earlier, or was a bit windy or wet, thus encouraging them in.

They will go to bed eventually. Just make sure the door stay open long enough, so they are not trapped outside.


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