Going out of town...

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6 Years
May 6, 2013
White Bluff, TN
DH and I are going out of town this coming weekend for my sister's college graduation. My flock typically free ranges. I am worried about leaving them with zero supervision for an extended period of time. They go to the coop at night fine, but sometimes wander off during the day. The normal setup is that I am at home and regularly check on them to make sure they are safe and still on our property. We have lots of roaming dogs and hawks that cause issue around here.
Question is- should I close them up in the coop while we are out of town? It will just be for one day. The coop is a 9x12 walk in. If I close them up, should a put the 3 roosters in a "boy pen" for the day to keep 3 boys from being cooped up in such a small space?

Thanks for any advice!
Sounds like you have a plan, and I suggest you do keep them locked. Better than coming next day n finding casualties. Just provide plenty of water in multiple containers and correct quantity of feed.

PS. We did similar lockdown when we went on vacation for a week. We utilized the garage space. and of course provided the ample supply of water in multiple containers. ALL TURNED OUT WELL ALWAYS. When you prepare well then things go well.

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