Going to have a baby!


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Duvall, WA
Make that a foal
I'm so excited I have to share... But I'm trying to remain cautiously so... I know there are more risks than one can count and so many things that can go wrong. I can't help but be hopeful though. I've found a really lovely mare - great conformation, really nice mover, excellent mother, and sweet as can be temperament. I love her and my EXTREMELY picky coach has approved so her owner and I are drawing up a contract for a custom foal with the stallion of my choosing. Her owner is a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable woman when it comes to breeding.

This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time but I'm nervous about it. My gut is telling me to take the plunge though, everything has aligned to make this a perfect time. My career has really bloomed over the last few years, we now have our own small farm for baby to grow up at, and the timeline is perfect - baby will be ready start at about the time my current horse is ready to retire and come live at home. If all goes according to plans we'll be breeding momma in early summer. I've researched daddies to death as this is all I can think about right now
I had a lengthy conversation with the semen importer, who is also amazingly knowledgeable and helped me work through some of the pros and cons of my top choices. My coach has also helped me work through the choices and I highly respect her knowledge and opinions so I'm 99% positive that I've chosen the stallion. Fingers crossed for a beautiful 2013 baby!

Since this post is useless without pictures, here is momma. She's a 10 year old Swedish Warmblood star mare, also Oldenburg approved in the premium mare book. She has had two lovely babies previously and has one on the way now:


Here is daddy. He's Belissimo M, a Rheinlander stallion, also approved for a long list warmblood studbooks including Oldenburg, so baby will likely go to Oldenburg inspection after s/he is born:


Here's hoping that these two will produce something really nice
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Good luck! Those are an amazing looking pair! I'm sure they will produce something awesome! It stinks having to wait so long though, doesn't it?
I wonder what color the foal will be? I have read good things about Belissimo M foals, good luck and I hope your mare delivers a healthy foal with an uncomplicated pregnancy!
The patience thing is definitely going to be hard... I won't lie, I've already found myself thinking about baby names... I have to stop myself and remember it's WAAAAAY too premature for that

In the end I don't care what color they are but Belissimo throws a lot of chestnuts, often with a good amount of chrome... I'm absolutely in love with my current horse and he's a super blingy chestnut so I can't help for another one

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