Going to lose her most likely, :( update 2

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11 Years
Mar 22, 2010
She seems to be doing good.. She has ate and drank a bit,
Gave her 1/4 cc pen this morning... will repeat that tomorrow, in the hopes of holding off any illiness she could develop. There is no telling how long she had been in the water... they usually go in to their pen or go to roost on the goats pen, which is likely what she had tried...the trough is right by the goat pen.
I left her by the wood burning stove last night, knowing it would keep her warm. I have her now under a brooder lamp and will keep monitioring her.. make sure she doesn't end up over heated... For a while she will be a house guest, lol... I actually have hope she will recover fully,

She is still alive, and I have her sitting up on her sternum.... She has yet to open her eyes... but will blink if I open them... She is rolling her head up so her beak points straight up then her head rolls back and forth
She is trying to warm up, she shivers.... (its by no means cold in here, its over 80* 6 feet from the stove, and she is closer....
I am hoping she makes it, but,




Went out to the barn to shut the coop up and feed the goats and horses, and found one of my hens in the horse water tank,
she is breathing very slowly, but,
I don't think she will make it... her head was above water, she doesn't apear to have breathed in, but she is pretty cold.

Have her in to dry and warm up...
Any other advise? if she lasts how many cc's of pen to try and ward off pnemonia?
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Oh NO! I had a little canary that I resuced from his water bowl 3 times. I thought he was a goner each time too. I'd put some bath towels in the dryer and take 1 while the others are warming, wrap her in it until the towel cools, then toss it back in the dryer while you take out a warm one. I'll bet she will be okay. Or maybe you could blowdry her??
I've blown her as dry as I could, I have her sitting upright on her sternum, she is shivering and twitching, have her sitting fairly close to the fire place which, by the way its a stifling 82* inside! Its all on her and god if she lives....what I need to know is do I dose her with penicillin, and if so how much, she is a 8 month old hen...
If you see this and it isn't too late, try filling a sock with rice. Heat it in the microwave but not hot enough for her to get burned or overheated. This is a steady gentle warmth for her to cuddle against. It's good for sick creatures of many types when they can't regulate their body temperature enough to stay warm.
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Hi, You might try hanging a heat lamp nearby. Put a thermometer in the nest box with her and get the area up to about 99-102 degrees. Also try to offer her some warm tea with a little sugar. I know you might think it sounds crazy, but the tea and sugar will warm her up and get her blood circulating again. She probably has hypothermia. Let us know how she is.
I'll say a chickie prayer.

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